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Food Trucks United and Vytal are teaming up for the upcoming season!


Food Trucks United || Food Trucks United x Vytal

With spring around the corner, outdoor food festivals are on the horizon! 🌷🍴 While these events often conjure images of overflowing trash bins and discarded plastic, that's not the case with Food Trucks United! Together, we're on a mission to tackle packaging waste head-on, whether it's at bustling city festivals or exclusive catering events.


But that's not all - Food Trucks United is all about celebrating regional ingredients and fostering meaningful collaborations. 🌍🤝 Founder Franziska Weidner is passionate about this vision, and their dedication has paid off! They've been named one of the top three finalists for the prestigious Gastro Founder's Prize (, shining a spotlight on their innovative approach. 🏆🎉 As the anticipation builds for the Internorga, where the winner will be announced tomorrow, we're sending them all our good vibes and crossing our fingers for their success! 🤞✨


Let's join forces to make this season of outdoor dining not only delicious but also sustainable! 💚 #FoodTrucksUnited #Vytal #Sustainability #Innovation #GastroFoundersPrize


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